Last Sunday, one of our men walked up to one of the women in our church and in front of me and a few other people including her grown son and his family, he said he had run into someone recently that was an old schoolmate of hers, and he wanted her to know what the schoolmate said about her.

He went on to tell her that her former schoolmate had said she was a remarkable woman. He had been observing her life for many years and said he was particular taken by the love and care she gave to her family and to her dying husband when she was caring for him.

As he continued to tell us all what this man had said about my friend, she teared up and was touched to know the impact she had made on someone she didn’t even know was watching her life.

She is a remarkable woman. The man who validated her didn’t know about the validation experiment, he just wanted to tell her what an awesome example she had set as she quietly lived her life.

Yup…I’m loving this validation stuff!