Well here’s a switch. I am the one taking The Validation Experimentâ„¢ 30 Day Challenge and someone else took the time and effort to show me and one of my sons kindness.

We were at Wal-Mart picking up a few things and decided to add a couple sodas and a candy bar. As we were checking out my son looked at the lady behind us and greeted her with a polite hello and a smile. She returned the greeting with a warm smile and some chit chat. As a side note, wasn’t I the proud mother to have raised such a handsome, polite, and sociable teenager! They can be hard to come by these days. While we were checking out I realized I didn’t have enough money with me. The treats would have to be put back on the shelf. Bummer.

To our surprise the lady behind us said “I’ll pay for them.” !!!

We were so blessed by this simple kindness, we talked about it half the way home. How is it that a couple of sodas and a candy bar can give so much happiness? Could it be that these simple acts of kindness happen to each of us so infrequently that we are shocked into a stupor when they arrive?

Think about it. What simple act of kindness can you do for a complete stranger today?