Well, finally a few minutes to post one of my validation experiments. The other day I was grocery shopping and stopped at the deli. Although there were 4 clerks there, apparently only one was waiting on customers while the others busily ignored all 10 customers waiting for their number to be called. The one who was waiting on people, just kept plugging away, calling a number, filling an order, calling the next number. I noticed her glance a couple of times at the other clerks in what appeared to me to be a way that said, “Gosh, is anyone going to help me out here?” But she barely skipped a beat and moved the 9 people in front of me through their purchases with ease.

Then it was my turn. I ordered my first item, cut extra thin–and felt a tinge of guilt doing that with another 5 or 6 people now queued up behind me. My second order was also, special cut…as was my third.

What was amazing to me was that she never flinched or showed any frustration the whole time she was waiting on me (or the others in front of me). So, when I had my last package of cheese and was able to tell her that was it for me, I added this: “Except to say how exceptional you are at what you do. It has been very busy, but you have waited on each customer as though they were the only concern you had. I feel very cared for, and I just wanted you to know you are doing an awesome job.”

She smiled and said, “Wow! You just made me smile! Thanks.”

It was incredible.